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Be a Do-Gooder on Memorial Day Instead of a Boozer

Hey America!

Let’s stop drinking beer on Memorial Day and use that money to help those who were seriously injured as EODs for the US Military to get a higher education.  The EOD Memorial Foundation is designed to do just that.


EODs have a thankless job. They are seen heroic for a moment and then often forgotten. They have an extremely high rate of their arms and legs blown off in the pursuit of their job. For many of these guys, getting up and going to the bathroom or to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich is nearly impossible. Actually, for many of these guys it is impossible to do it without the assistance of others.


For those of them who are brave enough to go back to school and face higher education, we would like YOU take the money you would have spent on beer on Memorial Day and instead stay sober and pay attention to your kids and family, and donate that money to our injured EOD veterans who gave so much of their lives to help others.


Let’s be all we can be, America!


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